About us



FACTORING CENTROAMERICANO (FACSA), is the owner of the AFINSA FACTORING brand, founded in June 1998 and with over 23 years of presence and experience in the nicaraguan market. Our firm specializes in the financing or discount of legal documents related to construction, commerce, industry, telecomunications and health, among others.


We are experienced in financing large horizontal and vertical projects, as well as commercial and industrial activities of great economic impact.


Over the years, we have increased our product’s porfolio with new financial services aimed to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs.


Our staff is permanently trained in order to be updated on the continuos technological and economic innovations of our industry.


Our main objective is to achieve a permanent improvement in our activities in order to provide a service that ensures our customers timely delivery of the services requested to meet their needs.



Is to To help businesses, of all sizes and from all industries, obtain working capital to meet cash flow needs and allow our clients to operate more effectively and efficiently, trough agile, innovative and personalized financial solutions that meet theirs specific needs, in an environment of respect and trust. To deliver customized cash flow solutions that address each company’s unique factoring needs as well as business models to enhance and promote the growth and the well-being of our clients..




To be the Nicaraguan leading factoring company in the design of innovative and highly technical financial solutions, recognized for its strength and for the achievement of the highest possible level of satisfaction of our employees, our customers and our strategic allies.



  • Passion: We love what we do and we focus on giving our best to achieve the highest level of satisfaction of our clients.

  • Integrity: We believe in communicating openly and honestly with our employes and clients and building institutional relationships based on trust and respect.

  • Ethics: Commited with the highest standards of Business Ethics and the confidentiality of our client information which will never be used for any purpose other than that for which it was given.

  • Commitment: We take time to understand how our clients conduct their business and offers valid solutions for their specific needs for the growth of their business.

  • Excellence: Our objective is to achieve a permanent improvement in our activities in order to offer the highest standard service to insure our clientes specific needs.