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Financing of Insurance Bonds

Funding solution for obtaining guarantees and guarantees

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Portfolio Management

Reduce your operating costs by outsourcing the colection of your accounts receivable



FACSA is a dynamic company in the Financial Industry, managing to maintain leadership through our financial products and services aimed at serving the different economic sectors of the country such as commerce, industry, construction, communication and health.
Our clients applications are resolved within a period of 48 hours, ensuring that our clients can fulfill the schedule of their projects and their clients’ orders.

  •   We honour our promises
  •   We are responsible for what we do
  •   Time and honesty are our greatest commitment

We are successful in creating new business ideas and financial solution to satisfy the specific needs of our clients needs.
We focus on recognizing that each client is unique and has specifics needs in order to offer targeted business ideas and financial solution designed to fulfill his requirements.


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FACSA que es factoraje significa

What is Factoring?

Its a financial transaction in which a company transfers its accounts receivable to a financial institution called "factor" and obtains a loan in cash, leaving their accounts receivable as collateral for said loan.

FACSA Beneficios facturación rápido

Benefits of Factoring

Factoring can help you access capital quickly and is best used as a short-term solution that assists you in keeping your businesses running while you wait for customers to pay outstanding invoices, or allows you to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities.

Factoring Step by Step

1. Finalize a sale on credit
2. Setting up a factoring account
3. Present your invoice to FACSA
4. Notice of assignemnt
5. Funding
6. The invoices are settled
7. FACSA closes the cycle

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What do I need?
Registering your company in FACSA is very easy. Complete the corresponding form, together with the documents that we detail here. Our advisors are available to help you in whatever you need.

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FACSA respaldado por UAF
Factoraje: una forma de ayudar al flujo de efectivo de tu negocio
En este artículo, presentado por AFINSA Factoring, se describe detalladamente el factoraje y sus diferentes mecanismos...