What is Factoring?

It’s a financial transactions in which a business transfers its accounts receivable to a financial institution called “factor” and obtains a loan in cash, leaving its accounts receivable as collateral for said loan.


Trough the process of factoring or discounting invoices, FACSA advances you money for your business using an invoice generated by a credit sale, which serves as a guarantee. Once the invoice expires, our advisors will handle the collection on all the invoices you assign us.


On the amount collected, FACSA subtracts the advance given plus interests and will return the remainder to your company.


The discount of invoices is the vehicle for companies to obtain working capital through their accounts receivable, without additional debt and without compromising their assets.


  • Obtain working capital immediately. FACSA transforms your credit net term sales in cash sales, at lower cost.
  • By using our factoring service you increase your ability to process high volume orders and always have money to buy new merchandise.
  • It provides the opportunity to use credit as a marketing tool for your products or services there fore the chance to increase your sales to credit that in normal circumstances would cause a shortage of liquidity.
  • Improve access to credit in an easy and timely manner.
  • It formalizes the collection or recovery of the portfolio.