Construction Industry

Due to constant delays in disbursements, companies in the construction industry, are often in need of working capital and liquidity to fulfill the needs of the different phases of a project, to ensure the insurance surety, to pay weekly their payroll, not to mention the need of covering costs with suppliers, and materials.


If this situation is affecting your business, FACSA can help, over the years we have identified the three key moments in every construction project and prepared the apropiate financial services to ensure the liquidity of your project.


Deposits and guarantees: Whether to ensure the insurance surety for the start of the project, or the working capital while waiting for the first disbursement, FACSA finances the required insurance surety bond for the start-up of the project before its issued by the insurer.


Construction Process Appraisals: Disbursements by the contracting party may take longer than estimated, due to bureaucracy or other circumstances. FACSA can help with an advanced on a verified progress appraisal and allows you to finance the following construction aspect of the project.


Statement of Completion: The project does not conclude by laying the last stone or inaugurating the building, but when the last account receivable is paid. FACSA helps you convert these last account receivables into liquidity for your company.